Venue Information

The conference will take place at the following venue:

Complesso di San Giovanni a Teduccio—Complesso Napoli Est
(San Giovanni University Complex)
Corso Nicolangelo Protopisani, 70
80146 Napoli

San Giovanni Complex is located in the Eastern part of Naples, in the neighborhood of San Giovanni a Teduccio. It is a new asset of the University of Naples “Federico II”, mainly addressed to the so-called “third mission”, i.e., being the connection point between the academia and the entrepreneurial and industrial world.

How to reach San Giovanni University Complex from the city center

The best way to reach San Giovanni University Complex is by underground railway (metro).

  • From metro line 2 (blue line): Take the train towards “S. Giovanni-Barra”. The University Complex is about 400 meters away from the station (see below).
  • From metro line 1 (yellow line): Take the train towards “Garibaldi”;  then at “Garibaldi” station (last stop) change to line 2 (blue line) and take the train towards “S. Giovanni-Barra” (second stop). The University Complex is about 400 meters away from the station (see below).

Metro line 2 train schedule can be retrieved on the webpage
Notice that when you search for a station, you should type “Napoli” in front of the name of the station, e.g, type “Napoli S. Giovanni-Barra” for “S. Giovanni-Barra” station.
Metro line 1 trains run frequently (approx. every 9 mins).”

Note: metro lines 1 and 2 are managed by different companies so if your journey is through both lines you should buy the integrated “TIC” ticket that can be used on both lines. If your journey involves one metro line only, then you can buy the simple ticket issued by that metro line company, which is slightly cheaper than “TIC”.  

Tickets can be bouth at stations and tobacco shops. Visit this webpage for more details.

Transportation in Naples

The easiest way to move around Naples and its surrounding areas is by using its railroad system (metro line 1, metro line 2, circumvesuviana, funiculare, etc.). See the schematic map below or go to the webpage.